Does Erythritol Cause Heart Disease?Watch now (49 min) | This analysis of the recent study by the Hazen group at Cleveland Clinic published in Nature Medicine claiming erythritol…
An analysis of the recent study claiming erythritol contributes to cardiovascular disease.
My contribution to the summit is on vitamins and minerals in mental health.
My leading hypothesis after six months of research, testing, and self-experiments on the path to biochemical optimization.
Not everyone eats their microbiome for dinner!

February 2023

Getting organ meats in isn't easy for most of us who didn't grow up eating them. I honestly have never liked the taste of liver, yet I consistently feel…
This is a hypothesis that may reconcile some anecdotes and has many hints suggested in the enzymological literature.
Chat with me tomorrow live while I run some metabolic experiments that require drinking a beer.

January 2023

How to stack supplements to accentuate both the fasting and feeding state, simultaneously optimizing for cleaning house and rebuilding healthy tissue.
Something is going around — perhaps in many cases a mild case of omicron — that is leaving people with isolated sore throats, and sore throat seems to…
Same day, same time, same arm, same vein, same catheter. How do they compare?
What to Do About TwitchingListen now | Q&A Files #315 Early Release Podcast