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Why would someone not tolerate methyl donors even if they need them?

Q&A Files #306 Early Release Video

Why would someone not tolerate methyl donors even if they need them?

This is a question asked live during the September 14, 2022 AMA.

Short Answer: I believe most methyl donor intolerances are a result of deficiencies in the glycine buffer system, which requires glycine, vitamin A, fasting (glucagon), androgens, riboflavin, unmethylated folate (THF), and iron. No one should expect to tolerate 30 milligrams of folate, however, and there is almost never a reason to use doses that high.

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This snippet is from the August 15, 2022 AMA. The full recording and transcript is reserved for Masterpass members. Here is a preview of what’s included:

Ask Me Anything | September 14, 2022

Cognitive health, MCT oil, claimed harms of whey protein, methyl donor intolerance, iron metabolism, balancing fat-soluble vitamins, time limits to high-dose supplements, water and hunger, and more.

The questions include:

  • Why isn't my ferritin as high as diabetics when my transferrin saturation is higher?

  • Why are vitamins A and E needed alongside D and K?

  • Sunflower lecithin versus phosphatidylcholine supplements

  • How do I reduce congestion while consuming dairy?

  • Could eggs be raising triglycerides by curing fatty liver?

  • Why would homocysteine ever be high when you can just use it to make glutathione?

  • Why did my eye start twitching after sweating more than usual this weekend?

  • Why do I now think A and D should be in roughly 1:1 ratios?

  • Would MK-7 be enough to take with D or do I need MK-4?

  • Why does water make me hungry?

  • What's the proper ratio of calcium to magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin K2?

  • Is it safe to take zinc carnosine long term?

  • Why did I recommend only using high-dose zinc for COVID protection for one year?

  • Why did I recommend limiting quercetin phytosome to three months?

  • Why take MK-4 when it has such a short half-life?

  • How to make bowel movements more regular?

  • Could freeze dried animal beef supplements cause gut infections?

  • Do I recommend food sensitivity testing?

  • What are the nutritional causes of restless leg syndrome?

  • What do I think of drinking deuterium-depleted water for COVID severity?


I am not a medical doctor and this is not medical advice. My goal is to empower you with information. Please make all health decisions yourself, consulting sources you trust, including a caring health care professional.

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