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Recording and Transcript of the September 14, 2022 AMA

Cognitive health, MCT oil, claimed harms of whey protein, methyl donor intolerance, iron metabolism, balancing fat-soluble vitamins, time limits to high-dose supplements, water and hunger, and more.

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Time Stamps

00:00:00 The Contest Winner: Does glucose handling in the brain decline with age? And if so, does this serve as a rationale to supplement with MCT oil to prevent cognitive decline?

37:36 First Runner Up: Does whey protein hurt the kidneys or otherwise hurt our health?

55:28 Second Runner Up: Why would someone not tolerate methyl donors even if they need them?

01:11:51 New cultured oils from Zero Acre Farms

01:18:13 Does DHA raise ApoB?

01:24:06 Why isn't my ferritin as high as diabetics when my transferrin saturation is higher?

01:27:23 Why are vitamins A and E needed alongside D and K?

01:31:49 Sunflower lecithin versus phosphatidylcholine supplements

01:34:28 How do I reduce congestion while consuming dairy?

01:37:53 Could eggs be raising triglycerides by curing fatty liver?

01:41:24 Why would homocysteine ever be high when you can just use it to make glutathione?

01:44:56 Why did my eye start twitching after sweating more than usual this weekend?

01:46:41 Why do I now think A and D should be in roughly 1:1 ratios?

01:50:08 What's the optimal level of secretory IgA?

01:50:48 Would MK-7 be enough to take with D or do I need MK-4?

01:52:42 Why does water make me hungry?

01:54:08 What's the proper ratio of calcium to magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin K2?

01:54:37 Is it safe to take zinc carnosine long term?

01:55:06 Why did I recommend only using high-dose zinc for COVID protection for one year?

01:56:17 Why did I recommend limiting quercetin phytosome to three months?

01:57:22 Why take MK-4 when it has such a short half-life?

01:58:48 How to make bowel movements more regular?

01:59:23 What are the nutritional causes of nightmares?

2:01:00 Could freeze dried animal beef supplements cause gut infections?

02:02:14 Do I recommend food sensitivity testing?

02:03:44 What are the nutritional causes of restless leg syndrome?

02:04:16 What do I think of drinking deuterium-depleted water for COVID severity?

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Live Q&A Video and Transcript
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Chris Masterjohn, PhD