At “The Analytical Calm in the Eye of the COVID Data Storm” I provide independent scientific COVID and vaccine analysis.

More broadly, I write about harnessing the power of nutrients.

I combine my scientific expertise with out-of-the-box thinking to translate complex science into new, practical ideas that you can use to help yourself on your journey toward vibrant health.

I stand for free speech, bodily autonomy, and medical freedom.

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Premium posts are highly actionable content that will contribute to future digital products offering guidance on specific health issues. These guides are available for purchase to anyone, and are freely available to Masterpass members once they come out. You can see previews of the premium posts here, and you can see the collection of ebook guides here.

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The next Q&A session is on Wednesday, July 13, 10:00AM-12:00 PM Eastern..

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This is a private forum in the form of Substack comment threads where Masterpass members can ask questions or start discussions with one another. I participate several days a week.

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✅ Masterclass With Masterjohn: Energy Metabolism: 39 lessons on how we utilize food for energy, emphasizing biochemistry and the implications for how we eat. Videos are public, but you get exclusive access to transcripts, slides, references, further reading materials, and comment sections. 

✅ Masterclass With Masterjohn: the Antioxidant System: 12 lessons on how the antioxidant system works, and how protein, vitamins, and minerals fit in. Videos are public, but you get exclusive access to transcripts, slides, references, further reading materials, and comment sections. 

And premium features on public content:

✅ Transcripts! You get transcripts of my public podcasts that are only available to Masterpass members. These are great if you like to read, or if you want to be more productive. For example, I would first listen to the episodes while I'm doing something else to scan for familiarity, then I'd go back later and keyword search the transcripts for the things I found most interesting so I could follow them up by taking notes or reviewing them in more detail.

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This includes 30-50% off pre-orders of my Vitamins and Minerals 101 Book, $50 off each hour of consulting with me, a dedicated storefront with an immediate 35% off 305 brands of supplements, and a rebate program where we top off your coupons by sending you back our affiliate commissions as rebates on all my favorite products as well as member-requested products.

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