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What if my A1C says I'm diabetic but my CGM says I'm fine?

Q&A Files #297 Early Release Video

Short answer: Trust the CGM. HbA1c is confounded by red blood cell turnover and fructosamine 3-kinase activity.

This is a clip from a live Q&A session open to CMJ Masterpass members. In addition to this episode, you can access five other free samples from this batch here:

Questions on Vitamin D, Fatty Liver, HbA1c vs CGM, Turmeric and Testosterone, Fasting, and B6 Markers

In that batch of free episodes you will also find the answers to these questions:

  • What's the difference between 25(OH)D and 1,25(OH)2D when it comes to the VDR?

  • Reversing Fatty Liver: How Long Does It Take?

  • Will reishi, turmeric, or curcumin tank my testosterone?

  • The 3 Phases of Fasting: And How to Get Kicked Out of Each One

  • Why do my urinary B6 markers say I'm deficient if I'm supplementing and my plasma levels are high-normal?

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This snippet is from the June 16 AMA. The full recording and transcript is reserved for Masterpass members. Here is a preview of what’s included:

Ask Me Anything | June 16, 2022

SIBO; CGM/HbA1c conflicts; vitamin C, copper, and histamine; reishi, curcumin, and testosterone; magnesium problems; vitamin toxicity; fat malabsorption; tinnitus; baking glycine; much more.

The questions include:

  • What to do about persistent SIBO?

  • Are there toxicity concerns for intravenous B vitamins?

  • Should zinc be taken apart from oral rehydration salts?

  • Why would magnesium cause erratic heartbeat, bad dreams, and tinnitus?

  • How do you know if you have low stomach acid?

  • What is a good sweetener to replace granulated sugar?

  • Do I need to eat foods with calcium every day?

  • What bread do I eat?

  • Should you take vitamin D for COVID prevention if you have a history of hypercalcemia?

  • What to do about extreme CFS, depression, anxiety, and brain fog when nothing seems to work.

  • Why balance K2 with vitamin E rather than K1?


I am not a medical doctor and this is not medical advice. My goal is to empower you with information. Please make all health decisions yourself, consulting sources you trust, including a caring health care professional.

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