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Recording and Transcript of the June 16, 2022 AMA

SIBO; CGM/HbA1c conflicts; vitamin C, copper, and histamine; reishi, curcumin, and testosterone; magnesium problems; vitamin toxicity; fat malabsorption; tinnitus; baking glycine; much more.

Below you will find the time stamps for specific questions, the relevant links, the private podcast audio version, and the transcript. The time stamps are available to everyone but everything else is reserved for Masterpass members. Learn more about the Masterpass here.

Time Stamps

03:41 What to Do About Persistent SIBO?

20:03 If your CGM conflicts with your HbA1c

27:30 Are there toxicity concerns for vitamin C and copper used for histamine?

33:55 Are there toxicity concerns for intravenous B vitamins?

38:22 Should zinc be taken apart from oral rehydration salts?

39:11 Do reishi, curcumin, or turmeric lower testosterone?

01:06:55 Does baking negate any of the benefits of glycine?

01:07:44 Why would magnesium cause erratic heartbeat, bad dreams, and tinnitus?

01:14:51 How do you know if you have low stomach acid?

01:17:59 Why would my Spectracell show low lipoic acid and CoQ10?

01:23:10 What is a good sweetener to replace granulated sugar?

01:24:19 What to do about chronic tinnitus?

01:25:17 What to do about fat malabsorption when enzymes don’t help?

01:27:17 Is vitamin C a histamine liberator?

01:28:12 Do I need to eat foods with calcium every day?

01:30:24 What do I think about Vibrant nutritional testing?

01:34:41 What bread do I eat?

01:36:57 Is too much milk thistle dangerous?

01:38:50 What are the benefits of raw milk?

01:42:00 How to stop waking up to pee

01:43:05 What to do about glyphosate?

01:47:32 Should you take vitamin D for COVID prevention if you have a history of hypercalcemia?

01:49:56 What to do about extreme CFS, depression, anxiety, and brain fog when nothing seems to work.

01:58:21 Why balance K2 with vitamin E rather than K1?

Masterpass members have access to the private podcast audio version, the relevant links, and the transcript below.

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Live Q&A Video and Transcript
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