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Mathew Crawford: Fraud in the Military's Health Database?

Crawford has uncovered what seems to be a smoking gun that someone altered the 2016-2019 data of the DMED database to hide an explosion of ill-defined health problems in 2021.

In this interview, Mathew Crawford walks me through his slide presentation of data showing that, at some point between 2020 and 2021, the 2016-2019 data from the US Military’s health database was altered in a way that hides the explosion of poorly-defined illness among troops that happened in 2021 as the COVID vaccines were rolled out.

This apparent explosion in troop illness had been brought up in a January hearing held by Senator Ron Johnson and a February lawsuit of the Navy Seals against the Biden vaccine mandate.

The Department of Defense (DOD) disputed the points brought up in the Johnson hearing by distributing their response through a Politifact “fact-checking” article, and disputed the points brought up in the lawsuit with an anonymous letter with no chain of custody.

The DOD claim was that the low rates of troop illness in the 2016-2019 data were a result of a “glitch” that occurred during a server migration.

The problem with this claim is that the military puts out a monthly magazine that in each year includes a review of past years’ rates of troop illness. These reports include overlapping years, giving us a smoking gun: the low rates of illness were published in this magazine repeatedly before the glitch and server migration were claimed to happen. Comparing the same data published in this magazine at different times shows that at some point between 2020 and 2021 someone altered the data, massively increasing the illnesses recorded for 2016-2019.

These include a 48% increase of acute myocarditis, a doubling of acute pericarditis, and a 2,381.3% increase in hypertensive disease.

On average, illness reports were revised upward 13.5%. This is massively higher than the typical upward revision seen in this database of only 0.1%.

There was also a large increase in “R codes,” which are a subset of diagnostic codes (ICD-10 codes) used for “signs, symptoms, and ill-defined conditions.” This was the one category where even after the 2021 version of the magazine contained a large, upward revision, the category increased even more after the “glitch” and “server migration” happened. In fact, roughly a half million to one million illnesses using R codes were recently added to each year from 2016 to 2020!

As it turns out, 2016 was the year diagnostic codes were revised from ICD-9 to ICD-10. It looks like someone was trying to create a very convenient story that these problems started increasing in 2016 due to diagnostic changes, when in fact they are exploding in 2021 after the vaccine rollout.

While Crawford cannot prove anyone’s motivation, nor who altered what when, he has assembled data that certainly raises the suspicion that someone deliberately altered the 2016-2019 data (and the 2020 data, if you include the post-“glitch” explosion of R codes) to hide explosions of troop illnesses that accompanied the vaccine rollout.

This is deeply concerning because it is a matter of national security: high-level military officers make decisions about troop readiness using this database, but presumably don’t know anything about its inner workings or how it could be manipulated. To make it worse, the handling of this database is outsourced to a private company! At minimum, this exposes the military to unreasonable risk; at worst, it provides a mechanism of plausible deniability for someone on the inside to order the manipulation of the database.

This is also deeply concerning for what it means more broadly: if a database of this level of importance to national security can be so easily manipulated, what else that we are looking at has been manipulated in the same or a similar way?

Nevertheless, Crawford ends on a hopeful note, emphasizing the empowerment, transparency, and improved safety we can gain if we do our parts to promote political and financial decentralization.

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I highly recommend watching the video above so you benefit from seeing the data on the slides, but you can also listen to the audio here:

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I am not a medical doctor and this is not medical advice. Nor is this financial or legal advice, nor is anything contained herein to be construed as an explicit accusation against any individual or organization mentioned. My goal is to seek the truth and to empower you with information. Please make all health decisions yourself, consulting sources you trust, including a caring health care professional.

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