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Dmitry Kats, PhD: From Niatonin to Niacur

Dr. Dmitry Kats, MPH, PhD shared all about the justification for Niacur protocoll, how it evolved over time, where it came from

In this episode, I have Dr. Dmitry Kats, MPH, PhD. He has a PhD in epidemiology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Many people have asked me what I think of his Niatonin protocol for COVID. And as you'll see in this interview that has since evolved into the Niacur protocol, which now has the dosing regimen of just niacin and curcumin, having abandoned the melatonin from the original protocol. You will find in this 3.5-hour conversation all about the justification for that protocol, how it evolved over time, where it came from, and you will get a really interesting look into the fascinating mind of Dr. Kats.

Please note, a human being has gently censored certain keywords in a way that most humans will still understand but computer algorithms will not. Completely uncensored video and audio are always available to Masterpass members. The completely uncensored version of this video has also been made fully available on Rumble.

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