It's been awhile since I have kept up with Chris MasterJohn, since I deleted most forms of social media. I'm reaching out because of an untreated demographic that is not fully aware of the mechanisms that they are playing with and it could lead to more consultations and possibly another book idea. The reason why I'm messaging Chris, is because of his knowledge and videos related to MTHFR and its role in metabolizing glutamate into gaba. This untreated demographic of individuals in marijuana smokers, found in a subreddit called r/petioles share anecdotal use with the use of marijuana... One media source that I have kept up with is Joe Rogan, Joe often talks about Alex's Berenson's "Tell Your Children The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence ". After reading more than a few dozen posts, I think there is something here, that neither the mainstream or even medical recreational sources are addressing in licensing.

I have not read the book, but I can imagine MTHFR is left out of the context of the neurochemical actions in marijuana, regarding the mania excitatory like effects of excessive glutamate, poorly managing impulse control with emotions, effecting logical reasoning. For instance I never understood the subjective analysis of Sativa vs Indica. What I think is actually happening is now the most likely known (unknown for reasons to continue medial deceptive practices ) effects of glutamate, and difference in glutamate metabolism in different diets with missing vitamin co factors or genetic differences. I believe Sativa vs Indica, is no different from an Angry vs Happy Drunk. Thc is still thc. Alcohol is still alcohol. But Glutamate is not Gaba. Here is the study of MTHFR and its effect on glutamate/gaba levels.


I think a 200 page book, with a dozen studies connecting pot, mood disorders, anecdotal observations, science of mthfr is it truly genetic or possibly from prenatal vitamins, formulate a hypothesis, and potentially a possible conspiracy, would land you on the Joe Rogan Podcast, and could set the tone for another book or the one that you are working on right now.

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For your 1 hr consultations, do you do a case review? I have a bunch of tests I would like your opinion on. Thanks.

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Hello, Mr. Masterjohn;

I've just started taking methylene blue, very low dose, & it seems to really be helpful.

You are one of the foremost genuine nutritional experts in the world today, IMO.

I just found out about pyroluria/pyrrole disorder, which I think is one of my issues.

My 'doctor' thought I had hemochromatosis, testing said not.

Then they thought I have MTHFR, again testing said not.

But it looks like both of those issues are very similar to the way pyroluria/pyrrole disorder presents.

So I'm wondering if you have any insight you can share on this.

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.

I tell anyone who'll listen how have you described B6 for 'morning sickness' as an example of real help.

Most don't know that the solution to their health issues is nutritional.

Thank you for all you do.

Have a GREAT day, Neighbor!

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I just found you and will do my best to catch up and listen to past episodes. My 19 year old has been suffering for five years. "I" finally found her diagnosis, which is Livedoid Vasculopathy. It is a blood clotting disorder and associated with MTHFR, which she also has. I cannot find anyone to help her. I've been to integrative and alternative doctors, as well as the traditional doctors. Any ideas? Also, do you know which part of MTHFR is associated with blood clots? This developed prior to the pandemic.

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do you have any experience in inborn errors of metabolism? Especially with the genetic mutation: MCCC2. NM_022132.5(MCCC2):c.*1243G>C. 3-methylcrotonyl CoA carboxylase 2 deficiency? I think that it is not biotin responsive, but i am not sure. is there any high dose supplementation that can help this gene function better?

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Please I would like to stop being a paid subscriber. How do I go about doing that? My email address is margomix@gmail.com

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I want to work with you as a client how do I go about scheduling a consultation or something?

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So, having a AA is the same as having a TT= the worst combination? Thanks

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I thought the risk Allele for C677T was A; you mentioned it was T. Also, I thought the risk allele for A1298C was G; you mentioned it was C on Peter Attia's podcast. Have the risk alleles changed in the past few years?

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