It's been awhile since I have kept up with Chris MasterJohn, since I deleted most forms of social media. I'm reaching out because of an untreated demographic that is not fully aware of the mechanisms that they are playing with and it could lead to more consultations and possibly another book idea. The reason why I'm messaging Chris, is because of his knowledge and videos related to MTHFR and its role in metabolizing glutamate into gaba. This untreated demographic of individuals in marijuana smokers, found in a subreddit called r/petioles share anecdotal use with the use of marijuana... One media source that I have kept up with is Joe Rogan, Joe often talks about Alex's Berenson's "Tell Your Children The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence ". After reading more than a few dozen posts, I think there is something here, that neither the mainstream or even medical recreational sources are addressing in licensing.

I have not read the book, but I can imagine MTHFR is left out of the context of the neurochemical actions in marijuana, regarding the mania excitatory like effects of excessive glutamate, poorly managing impulse control with emotions, effecting logical reasoning. For instance I never understood the subjective analysis of Sativa vs Indica. What I think is actually happening is now the most likely known (unknown for reasons to continue medial deceptive practices ) effects of glutamate, and difference in glutamate metabolism in different diets with missing vitamin co factors or genetic differences. I believe Sativa vs Indica, is no different from an Angry vs Happy Drunk. Thc is still thc. Alcohol is still alcohol. But Glutamate is not Gaba. Here is the study of MTHFR and its effect on glutamate/gaba levels.


I think a 200 page book, with a dozen studies connecting pot, mood disorders, anecdotal observations, science of mthfr is it truly genetic or possibly from prenatal vitamins, formulate a hypothesis, and potentially a possible conspiracy, would land you on the Joe Rogan Podcast, and could set the tone for another book or the one that you are working on right now.

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I need some consultation if possible, I have G6PD and I want to take a supplement that has white kidney bean extract (200 mg per serving) is it safe for me to start taking ?

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Any possibility for consultancy? I have MTHFR, SLC19A1, MTRR, PEMT, COMT, MAOA, GAD65 (GABA) and caffeine homozygous mutations and would really need a professional to help me out with balancing these stuff. 🙏

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I stumbled upon something in the sodium potassium modules for your 101 course that instantly has helped me with things that have plagued me for a long time. I have blood pressure on the low side naturally, and when I eat chocolate, especially dark chocolate, I end up with racing heart and heart palpitations. Your module made me finally have my "ah ha" moment when you said cocoa was very high concentration of potassium and then subsequently you warned of potassium supplements in large doses on empty stomach. Same symptoms I was having is what you warned about. So I started taking a 1/2 teaspoon of salt before cocoa to test it and it significantly reduced the symptoms of intolerance. I still have a bit of caffeine intolerance so that may be residual.

Anyway, I suspect I may have a genetic variation that causes me to require more salt than I am currently eating, so I'm excited to experiment with that. My dad craves salt and eats a lot of salt as do me and my siblings. Do you have any information on genetic variances that would require higher salt intake?

Thank you for all the amazing information! I'd be half the RD I am if it weren't for all your education materials.

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Hi Chris, I just filled out your type form to learn more about working with you. The calendly link is broken on the “schedule” screen. Not sure if that means you don’t have any availability or if you the url was just updated at some point and hasn’t been updated on the type form. Thanks!

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Dear Chris! I just heard your episode on pantothenic acid. I am taking 6 grams per day for acne. And the effect is incredible. However I am worried about the Calcium that is in the Calcium pantothenat. I would be so grateful to hear your thoughts on this! Thank you so much! Best, Regina

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Dear Chris!

I just heard your episode on pantothenic acid. I am taking 6 grams per day for acne. And the effect is incredible. However I am worried about the Calcium that is in the Calcium pantothenat. I would be so grateful to hear your thoughts on this! Thank you so much!

Best, Regina

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Really really want to work one on one with you...is there any way at all??

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Hi Chris,

I am PT and a writer. I am currently researching on the topic of hydration. Once ready, I will pitch it to be published in Men’s Health Magazine which has 9 million readers.

I listened to your podcast with Angela Foster in which you talked about hydration.

Would be willing to answer some of my questions relevant to the proposed article? It has to do with common myths around hydration such as 2% rule, urine colour, and diet. I have two recent studies around these topics.

Looking forward to your response.



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Hello, I wonder if you've ever had a chat with someone like Lierre Keith on how healthier food, diet and lifestyle may (or maybe even should?) lead to environmental activism (service to the land, protecting biodiversity with more than just petitions, the idea that machines trashing the place are not sentient beings and so on)?

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Hi Chris, I am a teacher and I have had covid 5 times in the last 18 months. It’s quite frowned upon to wear masks within the classroom and I am encouraged not to. Short of wearing a mask do you know of any other way so can try to protect myself and avoid getting it so often. Many thanks Rebecca

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Dear Chris

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the invaluable work that your doing.

I'm contacting you in the hope that you can find the time to answer just one, very important, question:

Which kinds of fat would you recommend that people with cancer consume, and avoid.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Thank you once again.

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Dear Chris.

Excited to hear you are writing a book. I hope you dumb it down a bit for people like me.

I watched a video of yours. A lot of your views on Anti-nutrients appear to be hypothesized. Do you have any views on some of the more direct toxins. eg. psoralens ( Furanocoumarins )

These don't simply cause oxidative stress or chelating of minerals for instance which is a minor effect if sufficient nutrients are available to combat them.

These chemicals bond to the DNA of epithelial cells, and under exposure to UVA radiation self destruct and damage the DNA that they are bonded to. The mechanism is very well known and documented.

Agaritine damages the lining of the bowel and since colorectal cancer is the second highest cause of death amongst the cancers. It seems pertinent to consider such a plant toxin in more specific detail than a generalized hormesis approach to plant toxins.

Will you consider covering this topic in your book?


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Hi Chris, can you please tell me why you don't recommend zinc picolinate?

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Hello Dr. MasterJohn: You spoke at the Long Covid Reset Summer in March 2023 about the long-term loss of taste from Covid (The summit was led by Dr. Syed Haider). You had developed a protocol to help assess this issue & mentioned to contact you to purchase it. I searched for this information under your name and a your libraries of documents. Nothing came up. Is this protocol available? How do I obtain it? Thank you. Andrée

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I'm a moderately educated (BA Psyc) housewife who's learned WAY too much in the bio/physio fields in order to be an effective advocate for my husband who's been rather sick for a while. He's doing much better, but there are few sources I trust. I want to join masterpass but prefer to not send my CC info via the Internet. Where may I send a check?

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