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Recording and Transcript of the You Asked Me Anything About Methylation, Facebook Live | June 25, 2016

An AMA all about methylation, that’s nutrients like vitamin B12, folate, choline and much more.

This past Saturday, we all showed up live on Facebook so you could ask me anything about methylation. Here’s the video, and the audio recording as a podcast. 

Don’t forget this Wednesday (at the time this post is published, that’s tomorrow!) at 5:00 PM eastern time you can show up live again to ask me anything about vitamins A, D, and K! Here is the full schedule of upcoming Facebook Live events.

Below you will find the time stamps for specific questions, the relevant links, the private podcast audio version, and the transcript. The time stamps are available to everyone but everything else is reserved for Masterpass members. Learn more about the Masterpass here.

Watch the Video

You can watch the video on Facebook using this link.

Show Notes

In this episode you can find the following:

  • 0:00 Intro, announcements about ChrisMasterjohnPhD.Com and my experience so far with US Wellness Meats liverwurst.

  • 9:05 Figuring out apparently choline-induced headaches

  • 12:20 An MTHFR mutation (e.g. C677T) could, even with normal homocysteine, be taxing your choline supply and causing you to waste away glycine into your urine. Boosting choline and glycine supply, and, perhaps most surprisingly, even supplementing with creatine, could help.

  • 30:03 Using SAMe supplementation to diagnose methylation issues.

  • 34:12 Choline and fatty liver disease

  • 36:28 Why serum B12 shouldn’t be used as the primary marker of B12 status and how to get MTHFR genetics tested

  • 39:03 COMT mutations regulating (via dopamine) the balance between mental stability and mental flexibility, whether 5-methyl-folate supplementation could hurt mental health in those with low MTHFR activity but high COMT activity. Potential relation to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

  • 55:36 How to get choline if you’re allergic to eggs?

  • 57:33 Strange ammonia scent in the urine

  • 1:01:29 If someone eats a diet low in muscle meat, is it still important to eat collagen-rich animal foods?

  • 1:06:38 My serum B12 is off the charts and I’m not even taking a supplement. What gives?!

  • 1:09:32 MTHFR mutation, no gall bladder, and high liver enzymes on a high-fat diet: choline support seems in order, but rethinking the high-fat diet in this particular case is also wise.

  • 1:11:48 My thoughts on fasting for general health

  • 1:14:00 Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • 1:15:41 Thyroid autoimmunity

  • 1:20:24 Nutritional support for nitric oxide production

  • 1:25:13 Supporting glutathione status

  • 1:27:26 What is the best selenium supplement to take?

Masterpass members have access to the private podcast audio version, the relevant links, and the transcript below.

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Live Q&A Video and Transcript
This section includes the recording and transcripts of Ask Me Anything episodes from Mastering Nutrition.
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