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Recording and Transcript of You Asked Me Anything About Health, Fitness, and Nutrition, Facebook Live | July 12, 2016

Recording and Transcript of the July 12, 2016 AMA

This past Wednesday, we all showed up live on Facebook so you could ask me anything about fat-soluble vitamins. Here’s the video, and the audio recording as a podcast. 

If you love these Facebook Live episodes, make sure to show up at the next one: Saturday, July 9, 2:00 PM Eastern time the theme will be “Ask Chris Masterjohn, PhD, Anything About Health, Fitness, or Nutrition,” which will be a free-for-all in the style of the first Facebook Live event. Just show up to my Facebook page at the right time and you’ll see the video. If you get there just before I start, refresh the screen until the video shows up. When you show up live, you get to contribute to the questions that literally become the show, which is exactly what makes these episodes so great.

Below you will find the time stamps for specific questions, the relevant links, the private podcast audio version, and the transcript. The time stamps are available to everyone but everything else is reserved for Masterpass members. Learn more about the Masterpass here.

Watch the Video

 You can watch the video on Facebook using this link.

Show Notes

In this episode you will find the following:

  • 5:49  For a woman with bruising, spider veins, and cellulite, should we be thinking of collagen, clotting, or calcification? Should we be thinking of vitamin C, copper, glycine, and vitamin K2?

  • 9:48  Are there nutritional cures for autoimmune diseases?

  • 11:52  Are there supplementation recommendations for a general person?

  • 17:07  Does eating fruit with protein hurt the digestion and absorption of the protein?

  •  20:35  Is the Randle cycle a reason to eat a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet, especially during a caloric deficit?

  • 34:01   What should we do about elevated Lp(a), and does it make a difference if it’s caused by diet, genes, or health status (for example, LDL oxidation)?

  • 44:53  Why vitamin A and organ meats may be the underappreciated fix for oral allergy syndrome.

  • 47:59  What do we do for wound healing after surgery? Do we nourish the microbiome by nourishing yeast, bacteria, or both? Why we should be conservative but not paranoid about antibiotics, and why we should be even more conservative about antifungals, even when they’re natural.

  • 1:05:02  A high-quality, low-carb, high fat diet didn’t prevent heart disease? What now?

  • 1:10:10  Should we deep fry foods in coconut oil?

  • 1:12:50  Is vitamin C an antioxidant or a pro-oxidant? Should this keep us awake at night?

  • 1:19:19  Ideas for healthy (and low-PUFA, low-phytate) snack foods to replace granola.

  • 1:21:14  General lab tests for vitamin and mineral status without any leads on specific nutrients to investigate.

  • 1:23:00  How do we determine the right amount of high-intensity exercise during pregnancy? How do we determine if the “stress bucket” is too full?

Masterpass members have access to the private podcast audio version, the relevant links, and the transcript below.

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Live Q&A Video and Transcript
This section includes the recording and transcripts of Ask Me Anything episodes from Mastering Nutrition.
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