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You have to search for anal swab studies.

You can proof some infection much longer.

IF the virus is cleared from mucosa, why it is doing damage in blood and organs?

Or is it cleared in mucosa WHILE enhanced in blood and organs?

I perceive the mRNA shots REDUCE nK, thus the mucosa is more defenseless; in average they do reprogram the immune system, by epigenetics, so "in an inheritable fashion".

It does not fit the picture.

I can only say that even traces of CoV for vulnerable vaccinated RE-TRIGGER quite bad immune system irritability.

In my eyes, the shots de-mask MCAS, MAS, auto-immune problems.

This effects to chronic inflammation state. ANY pathogen coming round will trigger bad cases then.

(I even witnessed that WITHOUT any infection, one can produce quite all COVID symptoms.

The case was a combination of vaccination and some (new? made severe?) delayed food allergy to milk protein. Resulting in severe heart and breathing innervation problems, and reduced oxygen uptake even on provoked deep breathing. One floor of stairs was too much.

Including innervation problems (apnea: stopping breathing every few minutes trying to sleep), bad oxygen levels, on apnea falling below 88%.)

If this is right, and COVID by definition is resembling rather a heavy allergy, "over-reaction of immune system", one should start giving the poor people anti-allergics.

Which diagnostic could be used showing easily how irritable some immune system is upon facing a crisis?

In a test medication against MCAS, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, see Prof. Afrin and Molderings etc., one can use 4/d rupatadin, 1 famotidin 40mg (away from meals) and a 10mg montelukast IL-6 blocker. Please help ensuring the supply and production by making it transparent and de-centralised.

Right now I try to translate this to herbal cures. In tendency works, but yet not strong enough.

Many found in TCM and on I-RECOVER.

(Not complete, e.g.: black cumin, OPC, walnut leafs, moringa, spermidine, inorganic antiseptics and DMSO, broccoli, herbal cures, detox (binding by healing earth or Zeolite).

Also dig into energy healing, Russion information therapy, and anti-inflammative diet.

I remember, ringing a bell in me here, Dr. Ron Brown on TSN hypothesizing CoV and Flu always travel together, Flu making the bad lungs infection and CoV the rest including hyper reaction.

He hypothesized the tests would often show negatively as CoV is flooding the amplification. Could not be the case for negatives.


Is it a trail or not?

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Wouldn't it be interesting to get hospitals to admit there is a lot of covid like illness with negative tests? Wouldn't that expose everything? Easy to underastand for the public too. That the vaccines just lower your chances of getting in the hospital with a positive test.

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Excellent article. Wouldn't you expect that the vaxed will always be a greater number compared to the unvaxed since there are more vaxed people than unvaxed?? For example, if there was a study looking at everyone who went to the hospital for heart attacks between Oct 2021-Dec 2021, wouldn't you see more vaxed with heart attacks than unvaxed???

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Is the rate of PCR-negative COVID-like illness from these studies higher than typical rates from pre-COVID times?

A new virus or ADE would only be of concern if overall rates of COVID-like illness have increased, no?

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