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This course, as well as the Energy course, is a Masterpiece:) Thank you Chris.

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This was a very good course!

I have a question about one thing that was not mentioned during it - melatonin. I accept the focus is on nutrients so feel free to disregard this - but it seems most melatonin is produced not in the pineal but in the mitochondria generally, probably as an antioxidant. In the context of optimising the AO defence system I was wondering if you had any insights here: are blood levels of melatonin useful, do you know of a way to 'boost' it's level using nutrients, or are you aware of any functional marker that indicates a need for more melatonin (or that you have too much)? Thanks, Brendan

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Amazing course Chris, thank you. Excited to take Energy Metabolism next!

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Are you aware of Stephanie Seneff's theories regarding glyphosate replacing gylcine in cells? You should look into it.


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