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Recording and Transcript of You Asked Me Anything About Heart Disease, Facebook Live | June 16, 2016

Recording and Transcript of the June 16, 2016 AMA

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Ask Chris Masterjohn, PhD Anything About Heart Disease!

Show Notes

Here is what you will find in the episode (please note that the times are for the podcast; they will be similar but slightly different for the video because the video and podcasts have different introductions):

  • 4:00 Introduction about the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis

  • 12:10 Should we micromanage the intake of specific saturated fatty acids to prevent heart disease?

  • 26:23 Should we use our ApoE genotype to help decide what to eat?

  • 36:05 Why the total-to-HDL-cholesterol ratio is still my favorite lipid-based predictor of heart disease risk.

  • 37:34 The importance of fat-soluble vitamins

  • 42:39 Interpreting total cholesterol and the total-to-HDL-cholesterol ratio along with thyroid and sex hormones to understand cholesterol metabolism.

  • 47:50 What do statins do to your body?

  • 49:09 Why do different HDL particles differ in their protective properties? I discuss the role of vitamin E.

  • 52:04 Can heart disease be reversed?

  • 58:39 Does pre-hypertension directly contribute to heart disease, or is its association with heart disease a reflection of a common underlying cause for both?

  • 1:02:54 What are the most important markers to look at and which are most modifiable?

  • 1:07:22 The regulation of PCSK9 by insulin and inflammation, with an evolutionary context for why it is regulated this way.

  • 1:13:17 Do Americans consume too much calcium?

  • 1:18:15 Using essential oils to prevent or treat heart disease.

  • 1:21:58 How do we approach whether to use diet and lifestyle or to use medication?

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Live Q&A Video and Transcript
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