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Recording and Transcript of the October 12, 2022 AMA

Questions on statins versus sulfur, glutathione intolerance, plasma zinc, unexplained rises in urine ketones, continuous glucose monitors, MK-4 and heart palpitations, niacin forms, and more.

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Time Stamps

00:00 The Contest Winner: Statins Vs. Sulfur for Heart Disease

28:27 The First Runner Up: Glutathione Intolerance: Getting to the Bottom of It

56:39 Second Runner Up: Why Plasma Zinc is the Best Marker of Zinc Status

1:19:55 NADH vs NMN vs NR

1:25:33 An unexplained rise in urine ketones

1:27:27 Spreading out calcium across meals

01:28:24 What should we have in our cold season cabinet?

01:31:31 What besides diet could cause my high morning glucose on a CGM?

01:35:28 Will some older people benefit from supplementing carnitine?

01:36:07 What do I think about the CGM fad?

01:39:32 Could my low triglycerides be cholestasis?

01:42:45 Why limit the dose of cod liver oil?

01:43:59 Why do I always feel better when my sulfur problems are worse?

01:46:14 Should I use one lab’s reference range with another lab’s results?

01:49:40 Is it safe to eat roasted potatoes?

01:51:45 How much weight should I give genetic SNPs in my nutrition?

01:55:15 High RBC magnesium but low serum: what could it mean?

01:57:50 Burning in the stomach: what could it be?

01:58:08 Should I treat low plasma amino acids by supplementing them?

01:58:44 Why would MK-4 cause heart palpitations?

Masterpass members have access to the private podcast audio version, the relevant links, and the transcript below.

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Live Q&A Video and Transcript
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Chris Masterjohn, PhD