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Recording and Transcript of the November 19, 2022 AMA

Questions on supplements causing brain fog, ATP, low blood sugar, vitamin B4, ceruloplasmin, muscle stiffness, waking up without an alarm clock, and more.

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Time Stamps

00:00:00 The Contest Winner: Brain Fog Caused by Vitamin D, Vitamin K2, or Calcium

00:24:32 The First Runner Up: How Do I Increase My ATP?

00:49:57 The Second Runner Up: Low Blood Sugar on Vegan Keto

01:05:41 Nutrition for Recovery from Alcoholism

01:14:41 How to decrease MCV after chemo?

01:24:17 What happened to vitamin B4?

01:30:49 Should I eat foods specifically for their antioxidant status?

01:37:52 How do I get my ceruloplasmin up if copper doesn't raise it?

02:02:23 Why would bovine serum immunoglobulins help gut health?

02:03:19 Nicotinamide Riboside and Cancer

02:13:46 If I need lecithin for gut health, should I worry about its omega-6?

02:18:44 What do I think of patented Sucrosomial magnesium and zinc?

02:20:57 Is my problem magnesium transport or magnesium excretion?

02:30:13 What to do about severe osteoarthritis and muscle stiffness?

02:34:43 Should I worry if 5 mg P5P raises my plasma B6 above normal?

02:37:54 Is nascent iodine safe when weaning off of thyroid hormone?

02:39:31 How to avoid false zeros in Cronometer?

02:40:25 What does it mean if I have more energy when taking CoQ10?

02:42:38 If NADPH oxidase is unregulated to fight pathogens, is taking antioxidants good or bad?

02:43:46 What if my needs for vitamin A and zinc are higher than the tolerable upper intake levels?

02:51:37 How accurate are vitamin E tests?

02:53:00 Quick redux on muscle stiffness

02:54:40 How do I handle my first emergence from lockdown if I am worried about being relatively immunosuppressed?

02:59:22 If I supplement with iodine, do I need to supplement with selenium?

03:00:40 Should I worry about the beta-carotene in my multivitamin?

03:01:40 Why do I wake up tense and with a headache to my alarm clock?

03:04:35 Why does starch make me wake up in the middle of the night with increased respiration?

03:06:00 What causes crusty eyes?

03:06:22 Which nutrients need to be spread out across the day?

03:07:56 What are nutritional causes of hypnic jerks?

03:08:37 To replicate Weston Price's reversal of tooth decay, do I need dairy?

03:10:06 Why would I have a bad reaction to milk thistle?

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Live Q&A Video and Transcript
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