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Recording and Transcript of the May 13, 2023 AMA

Questions on NAC, biofilms, vitamin C and brain fog, energy metabolism driving autoimmune disorders, milk, methylene blue, and more.

Below you will find the time stamps for specific questions, the relevant links, references and summaries for the winning question and runners up, the private podcast audio version, and the transcript.

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Time Stamps

00:00:00 The Winner: Can NAC hurt your gut health?

40:25 First Runner-Up: Why Would Vitamin C cause muscle pain, joint pain, and brain fog?

01:11:29 Second Runner-Up: How do we find the root cause of an autoimmune condition? One example considered.

1:31:21 GLA to lower hydroxyhaemopyrrolin-2-one?

01:41:36 When would I use the StrateGene and Genova Methylation Panel for nutritional testing?

01:49:48 Energy metabolism as a root cause of gut issues?

01:54:34 Nutrition for skin healing?

01:55:53 Nutrition for hypnic jerks?

01:56:35 Suggestions for snoring or sleep apnea?

01:57:12 Nutrition to protect against restaurant meals?

01:58:35 What is the cause of crusty eyes in the morning?

02:02:01 What causes brain fog?

02:03:00 How much oxalate should one eat each day?

02:04:57 Should I be concerned about low alkaline phosphatase?

02:06:11 What nutrients give tall children to short parents?

02:10:21 Energy metabolism impairment mimicking Wilson's disease.

02:12:52 Can taking digestive enzymes reduce our own production?

02:13:52 Rapid-fire response to non-winners from the question contest

  • 02:14:15 What do I think of chelation?

  • 02:15:02 Is milk good or bad for your bones?

  • 02:15:06 How does calcium play a role in acid-base regulation?

  • 02:19:48 Why Dante Labs over Nebula Genomics for whole genome sequencing?

  • 02:20:15 Dealing with too much omega-3

  • 02:22:42 What nutritional tests to get before pregnancy?

  • 02:22:58 Nutritional support for repairing myelin?

  • 02:25:23 What do I think about food allergy testing?

  • 02:26:04 How to improve short-term memory?

  • 02:26:49 Why would erectile dysfunction drugs help with heart disease?

  • 02:27:25 Should we avoid drinking milk for optimal health?

  • 02:27:41 How to interpret carotid intima-media thickness tests?

  • 02:29:36 What to do for post-surgery cognitive impairment?

  • 02:30:35 What to do about motion sickness?

  • 02:34:10 How to manage arginine for pre-workout with HSV-1?

  • 02:34:57 Could biotin cause disruption of vitamin A activation?

  • 02:36:14 Nutritional support for post-menopausal bone loss?

  • 02:38:13 Nutritional preparation for pregnancy?

  • 02:38:35 How is psilocybin metabolized?

  • 02:38:49 Can lowering animal protein lower ethylmalonic and methylsuccinic acids and improve waking lactate levels?

  • 02:42:00 Can beta-alanine help promote new bone growth?

  • 02:42:28 Why is my waking glucose consistently 100-108?

  • 02:44:39 Are home-cured meat products bad for you?

  • 02:45:03 Damaging effects of citrate?

  • 02:45:27 What to do for hip pain?

  • 02:46:21 What makes infusion of iron the only option?

  • 02:46:54 What do I think of methylene blue for general health and metabolic support?

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