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Recording and Transcript of the July 13, 2022 AMA

Glycine problems, deficiency signs when lab tests are normal, the 3 phases of fasting & what kicks you out, lipoic acid & methylation, sulfur SIBO that always comes back, heat intolerance, and more.

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Time Stamps

00:01:57 Does folate have any function in the fed state?

00:03:30 How do I know if my digestive enzymes are helping or hurting?

00:11:58 Why does high-dose glycine give me these terrible symptoms?

00:14:55 How to know if my magnesium is messing with my calcium?

00:19:06 Why do I have vitamin A symptoms when my lab tests are normal?

00:33:01 What is my favorite web site for finding enzymatic cofactors?

00:33:47 Potassium citrate vs potassium chloride

00:37:52 Major problems with B vitamin supplements

00:47:52 Is food sensitivity testing useful?

00:48:59 What nutrients might help with dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase deficiency?

00:51:48 The three phases of fasting: can a little bite of food kick you out?

01:05:42 Does lipoid acid hurt methylation?

01:24:45 What to do about chronic lung congestion?

01:26:39 Why are my urinary B6 markers saying I’m deficient when my plasma levels are high-normal?

01:33:05 Sulfur SIBO that just won’t go away.

01:39:45 The best form of niacin.

01:40:44 Using lactate, pyruvate, and ketone ratios to indicate the NADH/NAD+ ratio.

01:44:59 Can egg white protein hurt biotin status?

01:46:44 Helping bile flow without pharmaceuticals.

01:48:42 Managing pernicious anemia.

01:51:53 Is my high cholesterol really a problem?

01:53:16 Do we really need to meet the RDA for calcium?

01:56:41 Could stretch marks be a sign of copper toxicity?

01:58:40 When iron saturation is driven by low binding capacity.

02:00:54 How do I know if I need methyl-free Bs?

02:02:25 What causes heat intolerance?

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Live Q&A Video and Transcript
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Chris Masterjohn, PhD