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Recording and Transcript of the June 16, 2023 AMA

Questions on hair trace mineral analysis, the real problem with seed oils, the supposed vitamin C tyrosinase complex, respiratory chain disorders, body composition, and more.

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Time Stamps

00:00 The Winner: How useful is hair trace mineral analysis (HTMA) for nutritional testing?

23:12 First Runner-Up: What is the real issue with seed oils?

52:11 Second Runner-Up: Vitamin C: Synthetic Vs. Natural

1:14:27 Butyrate for Hashimoto’s? What else?

1:36:32 What in the comprehensive nutritional screening is helping to interpret lactate/pyruvate and ketone ratios?

1:40:49 Is the solution to a respiratory chain disorder to take Niagen?

1:46:56 If I have high manganese on an HTMA, do I need to detox?

1:48:15 Should CFS patients target reducing their serum BH4?

1:53:36 What to do about low alkaline phosphatase?

1:54:26 If my glucose spikes above 140, should I eat fiber and take ACV before the meal, eat cinnamon with the meal, chew slowly, and move for ten minutes after my meals?

1:56:17 Difficulty getting Quest to do the lactate/pyruvate ratio correctly.

1:57:36 Is 38 milligrams of niacinamide enough to rule out niacin deficiency as a cause of low NAD+?

1:58:12 How does optimizing body composition help optimize energy metabolism? Can impaired energy metabolism make someone fatter?

2:05:32 Is monounsaturated fat the best fat?

2:06:30 Manganese followup.

2:07:13 Do you need to stop taking biotin before a biotin test?

2:08:00 What in "a bunch of supplements" flip the lactate/pyruvate ratio from high to low?

2:10:20 NAD infusions, yay or nay?

2:11:05 Why do I feel better after a warm shower, even better than after sunshine?

2:13:06 Should I cut back on vitamin A if I have toxicity symptoms but cutting back makes me get sick?

2:13:59 Do home blood drop tests have to be pricked at the finger?

2:16:59 Is it true that my boyfriend was just born a night owl?

2:18:21 How much eating out is too much?

2:19:06 When measuring ketones, lactate, and glucose at home to optimize energy metabolism, what time of day should we take the measurements?

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Live Q&A Video and Transcript
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