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Recording and Transcript of the December 14, 2022 AMA

Questions on inositol, TMAO, undercarboxylated osteocalcin, liver enzymes, heart disease, methylation and selenium, and my twitching protocol.

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Time Stamps

00:00:00 The Winner: Inositol, What Is It Good For?

00:27:51 The First Runner Up: If I am at risk of heart disease, and phosphatidylcholine raises my TMAO, should I stop the supplement?

50:00:00 The Second Runner Up: If undercarboxylated osteocalcin (ucOCN) has health benefits and vitamin K2 decreases it, what does that mean for vitamin K2 supplementation?

01:0:15 Maragen Calcium

01:15:45 Could slow methylation cause high selenium levels?

01:27:46 My current thoughts on cholesterol and heart disease

01:40:57 If I already have oxidative stress, what ducks should I have in a row before supplementing with iron?

01:43:12 Is it safe to take eight milligrams of zinc daily without copper?

01:44:23 What to do about developing sensitivities to an increasingly broad range of foods?

01:49:26 What else to do about hemochromatosis besides phlebotomy?

01:51:01 If gestational diabetes is just a biotin deficiency, why are women who are insulin resistant prior to pregnancy at higher risk for it, including women with PCOS?

01:53:56 What to do about chronically elevated amylase and lipase?

02:00:22 What to do about a non-drinker having very high GGT and occasionally high ALT?

02:04:14 What are the most common vitamin and mineral deficiencies?

02:05:52 What are the best supplements, vitamins, and minerals for OCD and depression?

02:57:59 What is the connection between low pyruvate and high ketones?

02:11:02 Is high LDL a concern if the carotid IMT and coronary calcium scan are clear?

02:15:39 An algorithm to fix twitching

02:22:05 Do I trust food allergy tests?

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Live Q&A Video and Transcript
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