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Recording and Transcript of the April 12, 2023 AMA

Questions on all things heart disease, and on blood sugar, nutritional testing, oxalates, and more.

Below you will find the time stamps for specific questions, the relevant links, references and summaries for the winning question and runners up, the private podcast audio version, and the transcript.

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Time Stamps

00:00:00 The Winner: What Causes Hypercholesterolemia and Does It Matter?

00:51:55 The First Runner-Up: Why Should Postprandial Glucose Be Kept Under 140 mg/dL?

01:01:15 The Second Runner-Up: How to Reverse Coronary Calcification?

01:10:28 How to do a comprehensive nutritional screening

01:20:57 How can I protect against oxalates?

01:24:29 How long after eating improperly cooked egg whites should I wait to take biotin?

01:25:09 Is the extrusion process as harmful as some claim?

01:27:23 How long can one fast before micronutrient deficiencies become an issue?

01:32:06 Do B vitamins compete with each other for absorption?

01:33:28 Why is thirst a symptom of diabetes?

01:35:49 Do I agree with Peter Attia that ApoB should be driven as low as pharmacologically possible?

01:43:39 During a fast, does the body break down muscle?

01:45:43 How do you rest and refeed your brain?

01:49:50 Why would someone have high RBC magnesium but low serum magnesium?

01:52:13 GLA deficiency?

01:53:19 Should we eat for our ethnicity?

01:58:49 How convincing are polyphenol studies?

01:59:27 Can coronary calcium be driven by oxalate?

02:00:05 Citrulline for vasodilation

02:00:46 How to reduce catabolism

02:02:55 Rapid-fire run-through of orphaned questions from the submission contest, including a detailed look at Nadia’s thyroid numbers

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Live Q&A Video and Transcript
This section includes the recording and transcripts of Ask Me Anything episodes from Mastering Nutrition.
Chris Masterjohn, PhD