I kindof accidentally started doing this last year as well.

Q4 of 2021 I found out I was borderline anemic while pregnant, so my goals were to increase my iron levels for Q4 of 2021 and Q1 of 2022. I couldn't find any supplements of satisfactory quality, or eggs, so I increased other iron-rich foods like sweet potatoes. My iron stabilized by February at my last test, not sure if it's continued going up since then.

As well, we were not functioning well enough with constant headaches and fatigue. Both my husband and I. So we said to each other "This is not working, we are not healthy enough. We need to do something." We did an elimination type change. While I believe I am celiac, (never been tested but living gluten-free, as well as corn free and soy free for several years now), we, in Q1 of 2022, cut all grains and lentils. When we tried re-introducing them, they caused very bad migraines. So, we stopped eating all grains and lentils.

Q2, we continued to eat grain and lentil free, and I was recovering from giving birth. We added a few supplements to help energy levels, mainly taurine and tryptophan. We had melatonin and it helped sleep and then energy, but the tryptophan had little to no benefit.

Q3 we focused on adding supplements to help energy levels. We had fluvic acid (shalijit) and melatonin, the taurine stopped being beneficial. We found a complete B complex that we tolerated and helped. It has all the B vitamins as well as used-to-be vitamins, including Biotin. We tried Q10 and it caused a migraine. We found bananas we could eat and they helped a lot. We found we could not eat cabbage and pumpkin or winter squashes. I discovered that the GAPS diet is close to how we were eating, so we added more bone broths and more raw fermented foods (mainly home-made) as garnishes. Also, we discovered we may have coffee/chocolate allergies, which was being covered by the bioactivity of the caffeine. Our energy levels improved a lot 3 days after we cut those out.

Q4 we added sprouted chickpeas which we tolerate, and fish (cod). We were unable to tolerate ACV from the store, so I will have to figure out how to make my own stronger. I have tried adding iodine supplements but noticed no benefit yet. I found out, perhaps from you, that zinc takes a long time to improve a deficiency, so I started adding it to my smoothies. I am not sure if it's had any benefit yet.

I have noticed that I am able to be exposed to more fragrances without a) noticing and b) getting a headache. I can stand near the scented candles at the grocery store and not smell them. I have gone to the grocery store every week for months now with no issues. I can come home with smelly hair (from another person wearing cologne) and not have a nasty headache. I can come home from a long drive and just be tired, not headachy, from the exhaust. So SOMETHING has improved.

Goals for 2023:


- Start a substack/blog to record and share everything I've learned.

- See if we can eat properly soaked rice or sprouted grains (Thanks Nourishing Traditions and Sally Fallon for recording so much knowledge)

- See if we can eat just soaked, not sprouted, chickpeas

- Keep going with the B vitamins, zinc, iodine and maybe try some other supplements like Boron, Selenium, and Magnesium

- Walk at least once a week


- I will be going back to work, so just trying to re-balance work and family, and handle a little less sleep and more stress


- Ideally, it would be nice to reduce the muscle pain levels. We've stopped the migraines, headaches, and improved our fatigue a lot through diet. If we have the money, we may go to the chiropractor again.

- Walk further and bike at least once a week

Q4 we shall see!

And, overall, just keep learning!

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I like your process here. Years ago I decided not to use the word goals but 'intentions', e.g. I intend to ....

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