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Recording and Transcript of Ask Me Anything | April 13, 2022

Fat-soluble vitamins, prenatal nutrition, mixing glycine with aspirin, supplementing with alpha-ketoglutarate, nausea in pregnancy, and more.

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Time Stamps

00:01:20 What about NQO1 SNPs?

00:06:24 How to balance vitamins E and K

00:11:38 What’s the difference between 25(OH)D and 1,25(OH)2D when it comes to the VDR?

00:19:52 How long does it take to reverse fatty liver?

00:37:50 What prenatal vitamin do I recommend?

00:50:16 Why does my smoothie make my hands cold?

00:52:57 What type of choline to use?

00:56:45 How does iron deficiency anemia lead to tongue swelling?

00:57:42 Why does thiamine help with my elevated heart rate?

01:00:24 Is there an interaction between glycine and aspirin?

01:04:33 What supplements can be used in the fasting state?

01:10:57 How to manage protein intake within a small eating window on an intermittent fasting regimen?

01:18:53 Which cytokines should be measured in blood and which are a waste of money?

01:21:15 Is 300-600 mg of alpha-lipoic acid safe over a long period?

01:25:56 If I was taking 350 mcg of biotin when my blood was tested are the tests invalid?

01:31:45 Does green tea chelate all metals or just iron?

01:35:19 Looking at a study on calcium alpha-ketoglutarate supplementation.

01:39:34 Should I take vitamin D for COVID if I easily get hypercalcemia from it?

01:42:00 What to do about nausea in pregnancy?

01:46:16 Do I recommend broad-spectrum trace mineral supplements?

01:47:11 Brief questions on restless legs, exercise during fasting, puffy eyes, and health effects of spicy foods.

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Live Q&A Video and Transcript
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Chris Masterjohn, PhD