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Recording and Transcript of Ask Me Anything About Nutrition | March 4, 2019

Recording and Transcript of the March 4, 2019 AMA

On March 4, you joined me in a live Zoom meeting to ask me anything about nutrition, and here’s the full recording!

We talk about things like:

  • How much spinach, broccoli, and kale is too much?

  • Can frozen vegetables be trusted for their folate? 

  • Do cooked legumes lose folate when frozen?

  • I go on an extended rant about the harm done by exaggerating the harms of synthetic folic acid.

  • We use labs to identify a probable genetic defect in glutathione synthesis.

  • When to think about supplementing with calcium.

  • When a drug makes histamine intolerance and blood sugar dysregulation collide.

  • My thoughts on root canals.

  • Should you take leucine to gain muscle mass, or just eat protein?

  • A GREAT discussion on how our detoxification system evolved to handle fruits and vegetables, and why eating them can help us out through the principle of "hormesis."

  • Could low LDL levels compromise female fertility?

All this and much more!

Below you will find the time stamps for specific questions, the relevant links, the private podcast audio version, and the transcript. The time stamps are available to everyone but everything else is reserved for Masterpass members. Learn more about the Masterpass here.

Show Notes

00:40 Cliff Notes

03:44 Introduction

06:48 How much spinach, broccoli, and kale is too much? And why frozen vegetables cannot be trusted as a source of folate.

12:21 Do cooked legumes lose folate when frozen?

16:09 The difference between folic acid and folate, including a rant about the over exaggeration of the harms of folic acid.

34:02 Thoughts on myasthenia gravis and Epstein-Barr virus?

35:20 In the context of hemochromatosis and iron overload, why would ferritin be low when transferrin saturation is high?

43:04 What to do when the lab says that your pyroglutamate levels are the highest that they've ever seen? Could it be a glutathione synthetase deficiency?

52:43 Can you use a high GGT, gamma-glutamyltransferase, to indicate that the body is trying to make more glutathione?

54:40 What if taking collagen at night causes you to wake up and pee?

01:00:08 Does high serum B12 have any relation to cancer?

01:05:06 Should you take a calcium supplement if dietary calcium intake is low, blood calcium is normal, PTH is midrange, and vitamin D is 48 nanograms per milliliter?

01:11:07 What does it mean when after taking a drug, histamine intolerance and blood sugar dysregulation collide?

01:15:53 What are my thoughts on root canals?

01:25:58 What do I think of Layne Norton's suggestion to take 3 grams of leucine with every meal?

01:30:00 Are liver pills really as good as eating cooked liver?

01:34:08 How much vitamin C should be taken with a standard daily dose of collagen?

01:37:41 What do I think causes fibromyalgia?

01:41:33 Is folate also unstable in frozen liver, or does it just apply to greens?

01:42:37 Is there a potential for adverse effects for someone who supplements with 5 or 10 milligrams of folic acid or methylfolate based on a heterozygous MTHFR SNP?

02:00:05 What to do when serum magnesium is high, but the magnesium doesn't make it into the cells.

02:05:00 Any recommendations on increasing DHEA?

02:05:29 Are thyroid nodules similar to goiter in some cases?

02:06:23 Is it a problem if arginine, citrulline, and beta-alanine are elevated in the Genova ION Profile while supplementing with beta-alanine and citrulline malate?

02:08:56 A discussion of plant polyphenols and hormesis.

02:20:22 Is it safe to take creatine when nursing?

02:29:02 Is vitamin E supplementation harmful if you have a GSTP1 polymorphism?

02:33:25 Could low LDL levels compromise female fertility?

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Live Q&A Video and Transcript
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