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Recording and Transcript of Ask Me Anything About Nutrition | March 8, 2019

Recording and Transcript of the March 8, 2019 AMA

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Show Notes

00:43 Cliff Notes

11:13 Introduction

13:23 Should blacks and whites have different normal ranges for their HDL cholesterol? And general principles we should keep in mind when thinking about interracial differences or differences between groups.

17:24 Are there any solutions to getting nauseated from zinc supplements even at low doses and even when the zinc comes as oysters?

22:35 When on a ketogenic diet, it is a problem if ketones are going up to 5 to 6 millimoles per liter?

26:17 Advice for what to do after suffering a transient ischemic attack

35:57 Nutrients important for neuroregeneration

39:26 What causes sinus congestion, and what can help?

42:36 Do MTHFR polymorphisms other than the famous C677T and A1298C matter at all?

44:54 Nutrition for children with ADHD

57:07 How to address orthostatic hypotension

58:53 Nutritional recommendations for MTR and MTRR polymorphisms

01:10:54 Do you know anything about the value of lithium for ADHD?

01:11:08 Information about my free Vitamins and Minerals 101 class

01:13:30 Why the main problem with hyperglycemia is not glucose but rather advanced glycation end products, and why the main determinant of advanced glycation end products is low insulin signaling.

01:24:19 Thoughts on nutrition and breast health

01:33:03 Is it useful to measure urine pH?

01:39:57 What would be a high dose of iodine?

01:41:29 Recommended dose of glycine

01:43:31 Does the difference between cyanocobalamin, hydroxocobalamin, and methylcobalamin matter, and does the difference between sublingual, oral, and intramuscular injection matter?

01:53:10 Are bilirubin and uric acid useful markers of antioxidant defense and oxidative stress? What are better markers?

01:58:25 Could an elevated BUN indicate protein malabsorption and low stomach acid?

02:03:31 What if I'm on a ketogenic diet, and I can't get my ketone levels up higher than 1 millimole per liter when my primary reason for being on the ketogenic diet is that I'm trying to control blood glucose better?

02:04:39 Could fat malabsorption be driven by genetic polymorphisms that lower activity the PEMT enzyme? And could fat malabsorption in general be causing not only mineral deficiencies but also hyperabsorption of oxalate from foods?

02:08:18 How to manage blood levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids

02:09:57 Why am I always sneezing first thing in the morning?

02:12:03 Follow-up to question about ketone levels

02:12:48 What if I cannot get my ferritin up and supplementing iron actually raises my serum iron well above the normal range?

02:19:25 What about pyroluria and measuring kryptopyrroles?

02:22:51 Are there safety concerns in supplementing cyanocobalamin rather methylcobalamin in those with MTHFR polymorphisms? And a rant on why many people use “MTHFR” to slap a label on their health problems.

02:34:14 Advice for patient with hypercholesterolemia, elevated fasting glucose and insulin, ferritin of 194, and iron saturation of 33%

02:45:31 What to do about high fasting glucose that only seems to improve with long sleep

02:48:00 What should the upper limit of fatty fish intake be?

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Live Q&A Video and Transcript
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