Recording and Transcript of Ask Me Anything About Nutrition | July 15, 2021

Recording and Transcript of the July 15, 2021 AMA

Please note that after recording this I realized I was sick with a fever, which later turned out to be COVID. As a result, there are some periods where my brain is foggy as I'm trying to reason through some chemical reactions with which I'm unfamiliar. I would recommend skipping over these sections at 54:33-1:01:37 and 1:02:07-1:07:07.

Additionally, you may wish to skip over 36:00-36:58 where I am looking for a page in a book and 1:22:52-1:29:00 where it takes me some time to find an image of a chemical structure. 

These will be edited out of the Q&A Files videos that are produced from this AMA.

Here are links to two of the papers covered:

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Show Notes forthcoming.

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