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Recording and Transcript of Ask Me Anything About Nutrition | February 1, 2019

Recording and Transcript of the February 1, 2019 AMA

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Show Notes

01:05 Introduction

04:01 Alternative bone meal powders to Whole Bone Calcium from Traditional Foods Market

06:35 Nutritional causes of low white blood cell count and possible solutions

08:50 Supplements that may lower anxiety at night and improve heart rate variability during sleep

15:21 Brands, forms, and dosage recommendations for nicotinamide riboside and nicotinamide mononucleotide

17:49 Dosage recommendations for berberine

18:31 Supplements that may increase deep sleep

21:59 Brands and dosage recommendations for CBD oil

22:12 Probiotics brand and cycling recommendations

24:00 Is Theracurmin as effective as Meriva Curcumin for arthritis? 

30:00 Best clinical way to monitor COMT function if you have already tested for SNPs

33:51 How would you address normal TSH but low T4?

38:19 Should you be more concerned about overall fat intake or saturated fat intake with familial hypercholesterolemia?

41:40 Concerns about long-term bicarbonate supplementation and other suggestions for raising pH

48:49 Could magnesium hydroxide be absorbed via skin and cause hypermagnesemia?

49:21 The relationship between Lp(a) and cardiovascular disease

51:04 The role of the lymphatic system in fat metabolism

52:22 If your cholesterol is high, how do you avoid having a large burden of oxidized LDL?

58:57 Bovine colostrum for those with dairy sensitivities, and what to do about food sensitivities in general

01:08:05 Heart palpitations as a result of vitamin K2 supplementation and whether increasing calcium intake could help

01:11:51 Best formula and dosage of no-carb electrolytes to take at night to optimize sleep, especially after sauna use

01:13:16 Can a low-carb diet cause waking up in the middle of the night?

01:21:05 Why would a male have low blood levels of calcium?

01:23:02 What to do about low cortisol

01:24:00 What supplements would you recommend for a ketogenic diet?

01:25:50 Recommended brands of resveratrol and whether or not you should take resveratrol

01:29:36 Recommendations for treating SIBO and H. Pylori

01:35:07 What do you think about taking clomid to boost testosterone?

01:35:19 How do you determine if you’re getting enough protein?

01:38:55 Avmacol and sulforaphane

01:41:03 How to address edema

01:45:48 What do you think of alternative testing like hair mineral analysis or SpectraCell?

01:48:30 How to lower your calcium score

01:52:26 Recommendations on magnesium supplements and dosage

01:54:50 How to improve LDL receptor activity

01:56:29 Is milk thistle beneficial?

01:56:57 Do you have any concerns with taking 400 milligrams of phosphatidylserine supplements before bed to lower cortisol? 

01:57:14 What would cause low platelet count, and how would you fix it?

01:57:34 Recommendations for peripheral neuropathy

01:59:03 What are your top three non-nutrient factors that prevent beta-oxidation or ketogenesis?

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