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29. Gluconeogenesis: Expensive, but Essential

Lesson 29 of Masterclass With Masterjohn: Energy Metabolism

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Gluconeogenesis is extremely expensive. Three steps of glycolysis are so energetically favorable that they are irreversible. Getting around them requires four gluconeogenesis-specific enzymes and the investment of a much larger amount of energy. Overall, six ATP worth of energy are invested to yield glucose, a molecule that only yields 2 ATP when broken down in glycolysis. This lesson covers the details of the reactions as well as the rationale for investing so much energy. One of the most pervasive themes in biology is the drive to conserve energy. That we will spend this much energy synthesizing glucose is a testament to how essential it is to our life and well being.

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Harnessing the Power of Nutrients
Masterclass With Masterjohn: Energy Metabolism
This is a course with 39 lessons on the biochemistry of how we burn carbohydrate and fat for fuel.
Chris Masterjohn, PhD