217: Is dairy safe for overmethylators?

Masterjohn Q&A Files Episode 217


Question: Is dairy safe for overmethylators?

There's so little methylcobalamin in milk that I think that it is totally insignificant with regards to methyl groups, coming into the methylation cycle. Generally, if you're experiencing over-methylation symptoms from methylcobalamin or methylfolate, I think the big issue is partly that you don't have enough glycine in the system, very likely, and partly that your body is over-accustomed to low methyl supply and putting more suddenly into it leading into the system being adapted to a different state than the one you're putting into it. But if you find it is, you're reacting to dairy, I would be very surprised if it was the methylcobalamin, but if you're very convinced of that, then titrate up slowly with the dairy.

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082: Ask Me Anything About Nutrition, February 7, 2021

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