213: What supplements should be taken by someone on PPIs?

Masterjohn Q&A Files Episode 213


Question: What supplements should be taken by someone on PPIs?

I would first consider what you should do to get off the PPI. And so PPIs Are targeting stomach acid. And so I would first and foremost be thinking of excess histamine might be leading to excess stomach acid.

You should probably try to eat a higher-protein diet, unless you're getting negative consequences from poor protein digestion. But if you're poorly digesting your protein, you are going to need more protein to nourish yourself. So I would think a higher protein diet and a multivitamin would really be the best things because there's too many nutrients whose absorption is going to be compromised by that. And then I don't really consider myself a gut specialist, but I would read up on what other people who are specializing in the gut are saying about how to compensate for PPI's with the microbiome, because I would think that would also come into play. 

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