155: Is increasing reactive oxygen species a good strategy for appetite control?

Masterjohn Q&A Files Episode 155


Question: Is increasing reactive oxygen species a good strategy for appetite control?

Is that going to cause satiety in the brain? Maybe. I haven't studied that. I think Stephan Guyenet would be a great person to talk to about that. It wouldn't surprise me in the sense that if you want to shut down energy coming into the cell, why wouldn't you also want, at some bigger level, to shut down energy input into the body? I guess that makes sense. But I've mostly studied this in the case of outside the brain, peripherally, what is it doing? And what it's doing in adipose tissue or in skeletal muscle is it's shutting down glucose uptake, leading to hyperglycemia, and it's shutting down fatty acid uptake into the mitochondria leading to elevated free fatty acid levels, all of which are generally harmful to the body. Now this is an adaptively desirable thing because, let's say you have a trillion cells.

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078: Ask Me Anything About Nutrition, August 19, 2020

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