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122: Why would I develop shortness of breath on a carnivore diet?

Masterjohn Q&A Files Episode 122


Question: Why would I develop shortness of breath on a carnivore diet?

That can happen in scurvy. So given that vitamin C is one of the higher-risk nutrients on a carnivore diet, that would be the first thing that I would look at. I'm glad it was short-lived. I think it's possible that there are vitamin C-sparing effects of a carnivore diet, but they take a little while to kick in. So as you transition, you had a temporary scurvy and then you had adaptations that mitigated that. Certainly it could be many other things, but without doubt, I would look at vitamin C first and given that it was short-lived, I think that's great. But I think that you should still do some nutritional testing to make sure that you're not in a marginal position on some of those possible things.

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DISCLAIMER: I have a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and my expertise is in performing and evaluating nutritional research. I am not a medical doctor and nothing herein is medical advice.

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