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040: Your MTRR Genes and Vitamin B12

Chris Masterjohn Lite Episode 40


You may have heard of MTHFR, but have you heard about MTRR? If you care about your vitamin B12 status, watch this video to learn about it.

MTRR is an enzyme that helps you repair your vitamin B12 once it’s been damaged. You don’t need to use it a lot most of the time, so some of us, including me, have genetic variations that make it not work very well, yet we’re fine most of the time. But when you are exposed to new health challenges that increase the damage done to your B12, suddenly you may need to use the enzyme more than usual, and if you have genetic impairments in the enzyme you may suddenly become vulnerable to vitamin B12 deficiency.

I don’t recommend making a specific nutritional strategy around MTRR, but I do recommend you monitor your B12 status more proactively if you have genes that lower your MTRR activity.

I recommend testing your MTRR with StrateGene, which you can get here:

For more information on how to get the StrateGene report, watch this video:

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