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Mathew Crawford invited me and Jessica Rose to discuss what science is and what has happened to it on his new podcast.
Nick Hiebert and I debate the value of ancestral health as a heuristic, covering arguments around antagonistic pleiotropy and past failures in the…
Mathew Crawford: Fraud in the Military's Health Database?Watch now (138 min) | Crawford has uncovered what seems to be a smoking gun that someone altered the 2016-2019 data of the DMED database to hide an…
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Stephan Guyenet made a book! The Hungry Brain is available now, and in episode 34, Stephan and I talk all about it.
Dmitry Kats, PhD: From Niatonin to NiacurWatch now | Dr. Dmitry Kats, MPH, PhD shared all about the justification for Niacur protocoll, how it evolved over time, where it came from
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