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Methylene Blue: Biohacker's delight, or playing with fire?

If you need it, it helps. If you don't, it hurts. Don't get sucked in by the fad. Learn the science.

The winner of the July Question Contest is about methylene blue.

I have summarized it as follows:

Methylene Blue: Biohacker’s Delight? Or Playing With Fire?

File:Methylene blue sample.jpg
Methylene blue as a pure solid, where it appears greenish.
File:Reflections in a flask of Methylene Blue.jpg
Mixed in in a solvent such as water, methyelene blue takes on its characteristic blue color.

What You Will Find Below

  • Short Answer

  • Downloads

  • Methylene Blue in Ten Minutes

  • The Origin of Methylene Blue

  • The Entry of Methylene Blue Into Medicine

  • From Malaria to Many Uses in Medicine

  • How Methylene Blue Works

    • A Redox-Reactive Dye

    • The Blue Bottle Experiment

    • Methylene Blue Radicals, Photoexcited States, and Demethylated Metabolites

    • Methylene Blue Can Oxidize and Reduce Many Targets

    • Methylene Blue Can Rewire the Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain

    • Rewiring the Respiratory Chain Does Not Make It Better

    • Methylene Blue Increases Hydrogen Peroxide

    • Hydrogen Peroxide Kills Microbes, Has Hormetic Benefits, But Is Still Ultimately Toxic

    • Methylene Blue Causes Redox Cycling of Hemoglobin

    • Methylene Blue Is a Strong Monoamine Oxidase A Inhibitor

    • Methylene Blue Inhibits Nitric Oxide Synthase

    • Mechanistic Conclusions

  • Is Methylene Blue Fundamentally Hormetic?

  • Methylene Blue Fails in Alzheimer’s, and Causes a Worrisome Side Effect

  • Whether Methylene Blue Helps Or Hurts Depends on Whether You Need It

  • Natural Alternatives for Hormesis and Rewiring the Respiratory Chain

  • Who Should Use Methylene Blue?

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Chris Masterjohn, PhD