An analysis of the recent study claiming erythritol contributes to cardiovascular disease.
Does Erythritol Cause Heart Disease?Watch now (49 min) | This analysis of the recent study by the Hazen group at Cleveland Clinic published in Nature Medicine claiming erythritol…
Recording and Transcript of the March 14, 2023 AMAWatch now (135 min) | Questions on hair loss, erythritol, estrogen, copper, and more.
The March 14, 2023 Masterpass AMAListen now (135 min) | This is the audio recording of the March 14, 2023 Masterpass AMA.
311: Low Blood Sugar on Vegan KetoWatch now | Masterjohn Q&A Files Episode 311
My contribution to the summit is on vitamins and minerals in mental health.
The AMA will be Tuesday at 6 PM Eastern rather than Thursday.
The votes are in and the winner for next Tuesday’s AMA comes from Christina Kang, with 24 votes: “How to slow greying of hairs and potentially reverse…
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Harnessing the Power of Nutrients